Cedar City, UT Storage Units, Self Storage

Southern Utah storage offers a full selection of self storage options including:

  • Covered RV Storage
  • Self Storage
  • Boat Storage

Located just a stone throw away in Parowan, Utah we are an easy stop off of I-15 on your way up the mountain.


COVERED parking under 35ft

$105 / month

Waiting List


Covered Parking

$105 / month

Waiting List

Storage Unit (10 x 10 x 9)

Storage size: 100 s.f.
Equivalent space: Average size bedroom
Sample items: Furnishings of one bedroom-apartment w/Refrigerator & washer/dryer-patio furniture & many boxes or two office suites OR 200 file boxes.

$50 / month

Waiting List

Portable Storage Container (20 x 8 x 8.6)

Storage size: 160 S.F.
All of our portable storage containers are weatherproof, theft-Proof, dust-proof & rodent-proof storage containers. As a general rule, a 20ft container will fit the household goods of a one- to two- bedroom apartment.

$75 / month

Storage Unit (10 x 20 x 9)

Storage size: 200 s.f.
Equivalent space: Small one car garage.
Sample items: Furnishings of three or four bedroom apartment/house with appliances, patio furniture & many boxes OR a vehicle OR small boat OR construction equipment.

$75 / month

Storage Unit (10 x 30 x 9)

Storage Size: 300 s.f.
Equivalent: Large House
Now this is some serious storage! This unit has a whopping 300 square feet of space, ideal for a 5 to 7 bedroom house, easily storing entertainment centers, refrigerators, beds, couches, and more!

$115 / month

Waiting List

Uncovered Parking (30 x 12 x 14)

Under 30ft~$30

$30 / month

Uncovered Parking (30 x 12 x 14)

30ft and under $30

$30 / month

Uncovered Parking (40 x 12 x 14)

Under 40ft~$40

$40 / month

Uncovered Parking (45 x 12 x 14)

Under 45ft~$45

$45 / month

Covered Parking (45 x 12.5)

Covered parking designed for RV/Trailers 45' and under

$135 / month

Waiting List

Covered Parking (40 x 12.5)

New Building designed for RV/Trailers 40’ and under

$120 / month

Self Storage Rentals Cedar City, UT

Are you looking for a storage unit or self-storage rental in Cedar City? Have you thought about renting a storage unit in Parowan instead? At Southern Utah Storage in Parowan, there are some great storage unit prices, RV storage, self-storage, and more. 

Here are some storage unit questions you may have: 

Why rent a storage unit in Parowan, Utah, or Southern Utah?

Not only is Parowan a beautiful place to be, but it’s also only a short drive from Cedar City and has some great storage options. So pack the back of the truck with boxes, load the family in the cab, and drive to Parowan to store your valuables. 

Cedar City may be bigger and more populated, but that doesn’t mean Parowan should be overlooked. Parowan is conveniently located right off I-15, at the base of Brian Head mountain. Whether you live in Brian Head, Cedar City, or Parowan, we’re only a short drive away. Besides, who doesn’t like a nice car ride? 

No matter what you need to store, we can help. We have lots of different storage unit sizes to fit your budget. If you need a storage unit in southern Utah, we’ve got you covered. 

What can I store in a storage unit?

You can store just about anything in a storage unit minus perishables. If you have extra furniture, appliances, boxes, clothes, books, artwork, etc., you can store it in a self-storage unit in Parowan Utah. 

You probably shouldn’t store food or other perishables. If the food lasts for a long time and is packaged properly, you may be able to get away with this. Chances are, though, that your food won’t last very long. If you plan to store food for only a short amount of time, you may be able to do so. 

If what you store is valuable or can be damaged by heat, you’ll need to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. A climate controlled unit allows you to store delicate items like books, artwork, clothes, leather, etc. These units are constantly monitored to ensure that the temperature and climate inside are steady and not damaging to your items. 

Why do people rent storage units?

There are many reasons you may decide to rent a storage unit. If you have too much stuff in your house and don’t have anywhere to put it, you can rent a storage unit. If you’re moving homes and need somewhere to temporarily store your stuff, you can rent a storage unit. If you recently inherited a lot of extra stuff and have no space for it, you can rent a storage unit. If you have an RV and nowhere to park it, you can rent an RV parking space. If you have a car or truck that you don’t want to keep at home for whatever reason, you can rent a parking space. 

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to why people decide to rent storage units. Everyone’s situation is different, but the bottom line is that a storage unit is simply another place to put your stuff. No matter why you need that extra space, Southern Utah Storage in Parowan, Utah can help. 

Do you offer covered RV parking?

If you need to park your RV for the winter, look no further than Parowan. Winters in southern Utah can be rough, and weather can ruin your beautiful RV if it’s left to sit in the cold. If you don’t want to leave your RV vulnerable to the wind, snow, and rain that is so common during a southern Utah winter, it’s best to keep your RV in a covered storage spot.  Southern Utah Storage offers covered parking for all types and sizes of RVs. 

We also offer uncovered RV storage if that’s what you’d prefer. While we think it’s best to keep your RV covered during the winter, sometimes that isn’t a feasible option. No matter what kind of RV storage you need, we likely have exactly that. Give us a call or look on our website to find out today! 

How much does a storage unit cost?

The price of a storage unit depends on a couple of different factors. These factors include the size of your storage unit and the location of your unit. Clearly, the bigger the unit, the higher your monthly fee. If you need to store a lot of stuff, you may end up getting a larger unit or renting two separate units. It’s best to be as organized as possible and fit everything you can into one unit before branching out and renting a second one. 

Where the storage unit is located is also very important when determining the cost. Cedar City units are often more expensive than units in Parowan because Cedar City is larger and has more competition. If you live in Cedar City and need to rent a storage unit, it’s more convenient to rent a unit in Cedar City. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get the best price. In fact, chances are that driving the extra 20 miles to Parowan will get you a much more affordable price for your storage units. 

What is tenant protection?

Tenant protection is a lot like insurance. Having tenant protection on your Parowan storage rental ensures that you will be reimbursed if your storage unit is vandalized or damaged. 

You’re taking the time to store your valuable or extra items and you don’t want anything to happen to them. With tenant protection, you can get your money back if your items are damaged or stolen. All you have to do is file a claim. 

Tenant protection protects you from:

  • Burglary/Vandalism 

  • Wind

  • Lightning

  • Hail

  • Water (excluding flood)

  • Fire 

  • Smoke 

  • Explosion

  • Vermin (covered up to $500)

  • Sinkhole 

  • Building Collapse

It’s easy to file a claim. Just fill out an online form after bringing the problem to your manager’s attention. If necessary, make sure you file a police report. Take photos of the source of the damage if possible. And don’t clean up or remove anything until you’ve had a chance to speak with a specialist. It’s that easy! 

Hopefully, you never need to use your tenant protection. But isn’t it nice knowing that if anything ever did happen, you would be covered? Instead of losing your valuables and a ton of money, you’ll be reimbursed. Now you can sleep easy at night knowing that your valuables are protected and insured.   

Why rent a portable storage container?

Portable storage containers are a great way to store your stuff easily. Portable storage containers can be brought to your home, where they will be loaded up, and then taken back to the storage facility. Instead of loading your truck time and time again, you can make one trip with a portable storage container. 

Portable storage containers are durable and convenient. Moving is a hassle when you have to make lots of trips, especially if you’re going from Cedar City to Parowan. But with a portable storage container, you can likely do it all in one trip and not have to worry about it again. Call Southern Utah Storage to learn more about our portable storage container options. 

Which is best? Uncovered RV parking vs. covered RV parking

If you have an RV, you may want to keep it at a storage facility in Parowan, Utah. Storing your RV for the winter means that it won’t be taking up space on your property. 

Uncovered RV parking is quite a bit cheaper than covered RV parking, but uncovered parking means that your RV won’t be protected from the weather. Rain, snow, hail, wind, and more can all affect the look and functionality of your RV. You paid a lot of money for that RV; you would like to keep it nice. 

Covered RV parking, on the other hand, protects your RV from the weather and other damage. With a roof over its top, your RV will not be touched by rain, snow, hail, or wind. This will keep your RV looking newer for longer and will likely extend the lifespan of the RV. 

If you don’t mind your RV possibly being a bit damaged, then spending less money on uncovered RV parking may make sense. But if your RV is damaged, you’ll likely spend a lot more money repairing it than you would have spent paying for a covered RV spot. If you’re worried about your RV and want to protect your investment, it’s best to get a covered RV parking spot at a storage facility near Cedar City, Utah.